Our Services

Business Planning
We address the following areas of concern: planning for the continuation of your business; finding succession solutions; valuing a business and achieving maximum value; and providing key employee insurance and compensation plans.


Employer Retirement Plans
Providing solutions, implementation and service of cost-effective retirement plans in order to attract, retain, reward and motivate productive employees.


Estate Tax Analysis and Legacy Planning
We provide a complete analysis of the potential estate and tax liability. Solutions to minimize this tax and conserve as much of your estate for your heirs and provide significant gifts to charitable organizations are provided.


Financial Planning
Fee-based financial planning will assist you in determining your financial goals and objectives, assessing your present financial situation, and providing recommendations for utilizing present and anticipated resources to achieve those goals.


Dennis J. Goldstrand of Goldstrand Planning Group is a Registered Investment Advisor.


Investment Management
We guide you in creating a diversified investment portfolio based on your personal asset allocation model, which measures your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Proper asset allocation is shown to provide over 90% of a portfolio’s performance. Monitoring the progress, providing you with regular reports and review meetings, ensures that you are aligned with your objectives.


Fee-based investment advisory services are provided by Dennis J. Goldstrand, a Registered Investment Advisor. Securities are offered through The O.N. Equity Sales Company. Member FINRA/SIPC. One Financial Way, Cincinnati, OH 45242. (513) 794-6794.


Risk Analysis and Management
We will determine your risk exposure and audit your existing insurance portfolio to provide expertise in determining the amount of coverage and type of insurance product. Competitiveness of the product and financial strength of the provider will be a priority.


CA Insurance License #0523376

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